1. The administrative offices, located in the north of Guayaquil city, in the largest business center of the country, called "Ciudad del Sol", in the Executive Center building.


2. Our dock, located south of the city, in the area of "La Pradera 3" at Guayas River banks.  A strategic site where our boats receive the respective maintenance.


3. Our processing plant located in the Ecuadorian coast, in the area of ​​the province of Santa Elenain the parish of Chanduy in the industrial sector  called "El Manantial".

Our organization is made up of three main areas:


We are a company dedicated to the industrialization, commercialization and export of fish meal and oil, in strict compliance with national and international regulations, satisfying the most demanding customer requirements with a team, trained and committed to the environment as well as the constant improvement of processes.

Be innovators in producing the best fish meal and oil, by providing our clients a steady development of our products, in technology and services.

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