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Corporate Responsibility

Core Values

Corporate Responsibility Policy





Corporate responsibility refers to a set of principles, values, norms of behavior and social commitments that our organization has made to the community and which wants to stand as a company.

- Treat others with Equity and Respect.

- Recognize the importance of family in the lives of our employees.

- Value and took advantage of individual and cultural differences.

- We promote open dialogue and sense of belonging.

-We believe that the continued growth and development of our employees are key to our success.

- Encourage teamwork.

- Recognize employees for their contributions to the success of the company.

- We are proud of our work, our products and the ability to satisfy our customers.

- We act responsibly with the community, employees and the environment in which we live and work.

- We are responsible for the safe use of all resources entrusted to us.

- We live by our core values.

- We communicate in an open, honest and direct.

- We do business in accordance with the ethics and the law.

The company is aware of the value and importance of its operations in the places where perform their activities, adopt the "Code of Conduct: ... living our core values" as its Corporate Responsibility Policy and is committed to:

1. Comply with all requirements of the "Code of Conduct: ... living our core values," including compliance with the Rules: Social Accountability (SA 8000), Environmental Management and Safety Management and Occupational Health, established by the company.

2.Respect and comply with the legislation, national regulations and any other relevant requirement or regulation.

3.Minimize pollution, handled in an integrated waste, using natural resources rationally and optimizing the use of inputs, in order to ensure that our production practices are environmentally friendly.

4.Provide training and education of our employees and suppliers on Corporate Responsibility.


5. Continuously improve the performance  Social, Environmental, Occupational Health and Safety of our operations.

6. Communicate at all levels, internal and external, that the "Code of Conduct: ... living our core values" is its Corporate Responsibility Policy.

7. Provide the necessary resources to comply with this Policy.

Compliance of this policy is the responsibility of all employees of  INDUSTRIAL PESQUERA JUNIN SA.,JUNSA

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